Katherine Sylvan


Katherine Sylvan


   Everything starts with color. When I was a child in the 1940s, the 12 crayons in my Crayola box frustratingly never covered all the colors I could see. As an adult studying color theory, I learned that the normal human eye can discern up to ten million hues.


The wider world of color opened up for me when I mastered chemical dyeing, silk screening and the application of textile paints. The garments and scarves I create begin with bolts of white silk, and some pieces have up to twenty separate applications of surface design.


   My other design fascination concerns the agricultural fields of Eastern Washington – the grids, curved crop lines and circular irrigation fields. This cultivated land holds much more color than the greens and golds most of us perceive.


   I have been on this color quest for over fifty years, and as the years fly by, I feel ever more fearless with color choices. Please stop by on the studio tour weekend and visit my studio of color