Linda Andrews

National award winning artist, Linda Andrews, has been working in glass and bronze for the past 29 years. She creates many things from sculpture to wall pieces to jewelry…functional to “beautiful to behold”. Her national award winning work has been shown and collected internationally for almost 3 decades.


Fine “threads” of glass are the component of almost everything she makes. Some pieces are made entirely of these threads, while others use them as design components.


She is inspired by the flora and landscapes around her. This year, she is making “Vineyardscapes”-drawings using the line work of fine glass threads applied to iridescent glass, framed and wall mounted.


This year Linda has added gift items employing abstract photographs of her artwork and flowers as imagery-plates, cloth bags and photos infused into aluminum.


Linda has her finger on the pulse of innovative materials and processes and is constantly adding them to her repertoire. Come visit her studio in the beautiful vineyard country of Red Mountain and see her newest projects.