John Fabian

I am tantalized by how....

The eye and brain can be entertained by the placement of shape and color in a painting.

Artists have to be magicians, creating illusions with shading and form to get viewers to think they are seeing ancient ruins, a sand dune at dusk, or an abstraction with movement and color.

Problems have to be solved to wrestle an image into a piece of art that can excite, entertain, or soothe.

Because my love of travel takes me to many places around the globe, I often use watercolor. A sketch book, a few brushes, and a small container of watercolors allow me to capture scenes easily. Back in my studio, I can turn a quick, small painting into a larger one.

I like to entertain and to attempt the unusual. So I use colors and shapes that appeal to me, even though they may not fully match a scene or photo. If some doodles can become a fascinating abstract design, I enjoy that. If I paint just a small portion of the gears of a very old sugar mill, that viewpoint can elicit an “ah ha”. If I can create drama from the way or what I paint, I’ve provided some “ahh!” and that satisfies me.